Group Profile

KaiRo owned and managed gaming establishments in the highly respected TGI Group which consisted of 9 operations in Turkey in the early 90's. After selling its Turkish Interests KaiRo opened its first African gaming venue in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1997.  The group subsequently expanded its operations to Malawi, Ghana, South Africa and Ireland opening and managing various gaming and betting projects between 1997 and 2014. After a restructuring and downsizing process took place over the past few years and now KaiRo currently operates gaming venues in Ghana.

The KaiRo International Group is supported by a dynamic team of international gaming executives and has a head office based in Gibraltar, and a regional office in Ghana. The Group understands and values the importance of transparency and ensures that all its companies are audited by reputable auditors.

KaiRo, together with local gaming authorities, has been influential in the creation of legal frameworks for the African gaming industry, and having passed rigorous probity checks, has held licences in various countries. KaiRo is actively involved with numerous Gaming Boards on the African continent and has a strong track record of successfully completing several projects worldwide. 

In all of its operations, KaiRo works under approved international gaming standards with a strict set of company procedures which are adapted to local regulations. It has "in-house" systems, developed over many years, which are constantly improved and updated as technology changes. All of this is complimented by a well-trained workforce, ensuring that our customers enjoy the best entertainment and gaming experience possible.